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Lets Go Hunting!

Finally conditions have improved enough with the fires that some of the closures have been lifted.

Good News Short Lived

Well last week we had some good news but since then the fire has continued to grow. Conditions have been optimal for the fire and we have been in Stage 5 conditions for several days.

Finally a Little Good News

Well after some high winds on Tuesday that increased the fire activity tremendously and increased the acreage currently burned by these fires. Finally we get some good news. With some cooler temps and higher humidity the fires did not grow much if any just remained burning within there current perimeters.

Sleeping Deer Road is Closed to ALL Access.

We have spoken to several people in the Challis area and they are reporting ash falling from the sky as well as heavy smoke reducing visibility in the city itself. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate and bring an early storm so that we can go enjoy our planned hunting adventures, but more importantly that the residents of Challis will not have to endure these miserable conditions any longer.

Wild Fires Cause Road Closure

We are We are now faced with some hard decisions that involvefacing a very unique challenge this year in our hunting area. On August 23, 2006 access to more than half of our operating area was shut down by the Forest Service do to fire hazards. If you have followed the situation up in the Challis area at all you know there are several fires burning, none of which, however, were in our permitted area.