12/11/2017 Clinton Wright Had a great bear hunt. My son Harvested a beautiful cinnamon phase bear.
1/20/2017 Scott Pfaff Looking forward to a 2017 drop camp hunting adventure.
9/13/2016 Rachelle & Mark Trojanowski We had an awesome time on our Mule Ride up to Shower Bath!! Let me know where to post the some good ones! Rachelle
8/30/2016 Dick Jorgenson Considering a fall bear hunt. Sounds like fun.
4/24/2016 Jim & Mary Kaiser WE have to make a trip to Idaho !
6/30/2012 Traves Tappan Looking forward To The Falls Bear Hunt. Can't Wait And Counting Down The Days....
3/24/2011 Curtis Earheart It's been too long... Need a hunting trip!!
1/3/2011 Peggy Herris I have been a camp cook for over 10 years, and into Hunting and Fishing even longer for, I need your "Stories" to cure cabin fever. I have a few you might like, Ha Ha. Ms.Peggy "COFFEE's ON!
6/3/2010 Jim Anderson Great website. I look forward to one of your hunts.
1/30/2010 David Farr I am looking forward to hopefully a great experience.
1/7/2010 Justin D. My friend Angelo and I met you guys last fall. Angelo and I were stranded in the wilderness as a result of not one, but two flat tires. The staff of Wild Idaho Outfitters were kind enough to assist us. For anyone considering a hunt with Wild Idaho Outfitters, you will not meet a better group of people dedicated hunting! Thank you guys for going above and beyond.
8/24/2009 Bobby Fischer I think it is wonderful that you reduce your rates for "younger" hunters. Keeping our children interested in our great outdoor hunting heritage is the future of conservation. I have two youngsters of my own, and some day would love to bring them "west" hunting. Bobby Fischer, Pennsylvania
11/10/2007 Jeff Burger Hi,Im the other brother form Iowa that you met in 2005 I would like some info on your fall Black Bear Hunts.Like how big are the bears, what is your success rate,and hunting season dates.
10/1/2007 Terry Stephenson I would like info. on your 2008-2009 Bugle elk hunts. Do you actually get to hunt for the 7 days and what kind of success rate do you have?
8/15/2007 Dan McLeod Would like information on your open elk hunting dates in 2008.
4/1/2007 Robert Grace Hi: I'm curious as to the approximate hunter success of hunters in your drop camps? thanks! Robert
1/13/2007 Robert Clark Site looks good, I would like to about your drop camps for archery hunters.
7/26/2006 Randy Burger My brother and i were the guys from iowa that meet you on the last day of your 2005 hunt we would like info on the 2007 hunt Thank randy burger
5/9/2005 Phil Waddell Nice picture of our camp from 2004 on your home page. I hunted with Dennis & Curtis in Utah last year. Your service and hospitality were top-shelf. My son & I are looking forward to this year's adventure in Idaho. Phil.
5/9/2005 Bob Chavez Great site, very informative. Maybe pictures of past hunts?
5/8/2005 Dennis Reid The web page looks good.

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