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Idaho Wilderness Elk, Deer & Bear Combo Hunts

Wilderness Bull Elk, on Elk, Deer, Bear Combo HuntHow many times have you heard the story about the guy or gal who finally went out west to hunt the elusive wapiti only to come home and say they only saw deer or maybe one saw a bear? Well in Idaho, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Hunting in some of Idaho’s remote backcountry wilderness areas is possibly one of the last best places left in the country where you can still hunt multiple species at the same time. We call this a combo hunt, being able to hunt elk, deer, bear and predators all at the same time gives you more bang for your buck... pun intended.

Most states still have elk only or deer only and maybe an incidental, if you draw, bear season. Idaho’s backcountry is some of the most rugged in the lower 48 (in my opinion) and therefore you are allowed to hunt all 3 species at the same time if you are adventurous enough to wander into the rugged Idaho backcountry .

As outfitters in Idaho’s famous Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area we offer what we believe is a very affordable combo hunt and encourage you to bring a youngster along by offering huge discounts for youth hunters.

Idaho Deer during Elk, Deer and Bear Combo HuntOur Combo hunting seasons begin during the elk rut in September and you are allowed to hunt with a rifle during these hunts. Most rut hunts in other areas are archery only. The sound of a bugling Idaho bull elk in the backcountry is one you won’t soon forget. Now just because they are in the rut, doesn’t make them an easy target. To survive in this rugged country full of predators, both four-legged and the occasional two-legged predator, these Idaho elk have gotten very adept at outsmarting their pursuers, but each year we have some lucky hunters that can close the deal on a very nice Idaho wilderness bull. Any elk is a trophy in my book, but an Idaho wilderness bull is one to truly be appreciated. The elk rut extends into the first couple of weeks of October and so does our Idaho combo hunt.

During your Idaho combo hunt you will have the opportunity to also hunt Idaho mule deer, provided you choose to purchase a tag. Some of our combo hunters have harvested some truly trophy deer and each year we manage to see some real jaw-droppers. The late season combo hunts come with increased possibilities of snow, but also greater activity of Idaho mule deer as the mule deer rut begins late October and runs into November.

Idaho Spring Bear Hunt, Fall Bear HuntsWe have active bear bait sites during your Idaho combo hunt so it is not just an incidental bear you are after. Often times at the end of a long day of chasing some bugling Idaho bull elk or elusive mule deer, you still want to be in the woods, but simply don’t have the “juice” to hike one more ridge. That is when it is a perfect time to sit a bait site and maybe collect yourself a nice bear skin rug.

Contact us today and let’s get you lined out on your backcountry Idaho combo hunt. Bring your friends and kids.


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