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Why Hunt Idaho?

Short answer. Because you can! Yup, that is the answer, because you can. As a sportsman/hunter first and an outfitter second, I cherish my opportunities to hunt out west and based on what I have discovered in my travels, reading the news and talking to hunters from all over the globe about hunting in “their” states, once again Idaho simply rises to the top as THE best place for an opportunity to hunt…bar none!

Back in January of this year I blogged about the “ten best reasons to hunt Idaho in 2014”, well I am extending those 10 reasons indefinitely; certainly until someone can show me a state that has this much opportunity and on trophy animals to boot!

After what we saw this year in the field and in talking to other hunters and outfitters, Idaho is simply THE place to hunt and unfortunately is the best kept “secret” out there. When I work shows in the east and ask hunters if they have ever thought of hunting out west or have ever hunted out west, it seems “they” all seem to think the west stops at Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. This doesn’t sit that well with a Utah and Idaho outfitter. Utah, unfortunately, gets lumped in with other  states that are wonderful to hunt….if you can draw a tag. Unlike Idaho where tags are readily available over the counter, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada are all draw states. I believe Colorado has over the counter tags for very short, choose your weapon seasons and no real predator hunting to speak of.

In Idaho, you can hunt archery for a month and if unsuccessful you can pick up your rifle and head deep into a backcountry unit for another month and probably have just about as good of chance for a trophy size animal as almost any draw hunt in the west. All it takes is a little saddle time or foot soldiering to get off the beaten path. Even now at the time of this writing (December 1st) if you wanted to go hunt whitetails in Idaho you could head right in, purchase a tag and go hunting. What other states can offer that in December? And if you are willing to pick up a bow, you can still hunt elk and deer in some areas right up until the end of December. Wow!

When it comes to predator hunting, Idaho is definitely second to none. Here in Idaho we can still hunt bears over baits or with dogs. Dogs have been outlawed in many western states along with baiting. We can hunt spring and fall with the same tag for bears and in the back country units you can even harvest 2 bears AND at a reduced price... again Wow! You can hunt mountain lions with dogs and you can even hunt wolves for an extended period of time. Heck some states have outlawed hunting mountain lions all together (you know who you are California)

So if it sounds like I am proud of what Idaho offers, you better believe I am and as much as I wish everyone who reads this would book a hunt with us, I realize that many who read this will be Do it yourself (DIY Hunters), already booked with another outfitter or hunting with family and I am afraid the worst case is the poor soul sitting out all hunts “waiting to draw a tag in a trophy area somewhere else”. That truly is heartbreaking. Either way you make it to Idaho, by outfitter, DIY or family, just make it!…and bring a youth hunter with you because Idaho has, in my opinion, the best deal on youth hunting in the country!

You will be very happy you did!

Happy Hunting!

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George,<br />This is exactly why I booked my hunt with you. Can't wait to chase mulies with you next October!

10 years ago

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