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Cougar and Wolf Hunting in Idaho

Mountain LionCougar and wolf seasons are currently open in much of Idaho, and will remain open in Units 27 and 28 until June 30, when the seasons close along with spring bear season. Cougar and wolf are exceedingly difficult species to take, especially without the use of dogs or bait, and taking one as such is considered a pinnacle of hunting achievement. A realistic approach for serious predator hunters to hunt cougar and wolf would be to pack into the wilderness or book a drop camp with an outfitter, and set up with electronic calls and decoys. One thing I can pretty much guarantee you is, there won’t be much, if any, competition from other hunters. This is a greatly underutilized hunting resource, and a rare opportunity for experienced predator hunters to broaden their horizons.

In Idaho the use of electronic game calls is legal for taking wolf in much of the state, and legal for taking cougar within designated wilderness areas only. (Electronic calls are also legal for taking black bear here, within designated wilderness areas only.) Baiting is not legal for hunting cougar or wolf. Hunters are able to purchase OTC tags for cougar, wolf, and bear in Idaho. During the spring bear season in Units 27 and 28, hunters can carry OTC tags for all 3 species; and use electronic callers for all 3 species in all of Unit 27, and in those portions of Unit 28 within the Frank Church Wilderness. For more information on spring bear hunting, see the Castle Creek Outfitters Blog at: Idaho Spring Black Bear Hunting 

Good hunting.

Joe Cavanaugh

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