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2010 Idaho Hunting Season Comes to a Close

Hunting season in Idaho’s backcountry unit 27 comes to an official close on November 18 and this year the snow began to roll in about then. So after 2 days of packing out camp it was time to chain up and haul livestock over the pass to winter quarters and begin the drying out of tents, tack and equipment. Riding in to pack camp after the last hunter leaves is always sort of a bitter sweet journey. First you think “whew” we made it through and then you think “hell this is a lot of work” and then finally it sets in…the dreaded PHD;IMG_0071 street name Post hunting depression.IMG_0078 A common malady with most hunting/outdoor enthusiasts that find themselves suddenly thrown from the great outdoors into the great indoors due to a monster snowstorm and no open season…but wait now may be the time to take up mountain lion hunting, predator hunting or even cross country skiing. IMG_0069                              IMG_0066

My cure for PHD thankfully came fast and came in the form of a to-do list that can’t possibly be finished by spring bear season, so there is no time to waste pining away that hunting season is over. Time to get to work planning for next hunting season:)

This years season was pretty amazing. From some trophy deer to an amazing drop camp bull, IMG_0220 to a 100% success rate on spike only elk hunt in Utah making new friends and getting to hunt again with some old friends. It was a pretty amazing year. We really appreciate each and every hunter we hunted with this year. I hope your Holidays are perfect!


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George, thanks for the great time this fall , we had a great time in the frank chruch. The horses were great. It was nice to hunt with a outfitter that did what he said he would it was great. Thanks a bunch, hope to see you next fall. rhino

12 years ago

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