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Idaho Elk, Deer, Bear and Wolf Youth Hunting Opportunities

Idaho Fish and Game has, in my opinion, one of the west’s most positive and progressive approaches to youth hunter recruitment I have ever seen. Most western states like Utah where I am from and also guide, offer youth hunting tag opportunities in the form of draw tags or “youth only” hunts with limited spots available. This sets a youth hunter up for the idea of putting in with thousands of other youth hunters who are applying for only a few hundred tags. Needless to say the youth who put in for states like Utah simply learn the disappointment that goes with getting that “unsuccessful” letter or email.

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Idaho Fish and Game youth hunts are much different, not only do they offer huge discounts for youth hunters, but most hunting tags are over the counter on a first come first service basis. So if a parent or guardian wants to take a youth hunting, with a little planning ahead you can guarantee that you and your youth hunter will be able to not only go together, but hunt together and at a drastically reduced price as an incentive to encourage youth hunting participation.

Hunting outfitters with guaranteed tags can also use their tags for Jr. mentored for youth hunts so even if a hunting quota area may have sold out, by contacting and booking through a hunting outfitter, you still will probably be able to take that youth on a hunt.

We here at Wild Idaho Outfitters like Idaho Fish and Games approach to recruiting youth hunters into the hunting world and we want to encourage family participation in the hunts. After all it was our Dad’s and uncles and Grandpa’s that got us started and our Mom’s ooing and ahhing over our “trophy” spike deer or elk that encouraged us to take up our bows, guns and fishing poles, get our butts off the couch and head into the woods.

There is a famous saying thats says “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”. I couldn’t agree more and would add that “outside” is good for everyone. And when you add the “outside” with the outside of a horse you truly have a winning formula for a great Idaho outdoor adventure that can create memories for a lifetime. So give us call or send us an email and see if an Idaho hunt with your kid, niece, nephew, grandson or daughter or simply a neighbor and their child is something that might be just what the doctor ordered!


Youth Black Bear Hunt$1950

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  • 6-Day Spring or Fall Over Bait
  • 5 Full Days of Hunting

Youth Elk Combo Hunt$3950

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  • 7-Day Guided
  • 5 Full Days of Hunting

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