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Idaho Wilderness Wolf Hunts

Idaho wolf hunting; some say it is bad, some say it is good, I say it is necessary. Now that state management of this apex predator has been returned to the state of Idaho, wolf hunting is now a tool that is at the sportsmen and women of America’s disposal to use to reverse the tide of a runaway wolf population.

Our area that we hunt in the famous Frank Church River of No return wilderness, big game unit 27 is an area that is large, rugged and steep; perfect habitat for Canis Lupis or Canadian Grey wolf. It is so rugged in fact that there is currently no quota on the amount of wolves that can be harvested in this area because quite frankly it is so large and so rugged that they (the powers that be) really have no idea how many wolves are backed there. I imagine if pressed for an answer, about all they can say is “a lot!”

That being said, an Idaho wolf hunt in the “Frank” is not going to be a cake walk. On the contrary it will be anything but a cakewalk. Our wolf hunts will take place in remote country in the dead of winter. Our only access, because we are in a wilderness area, will be livestock or on foot in this steep rugged Idaho backcountry.

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Your Idaho wolf hunt will begin with a journey to our base camp which is on the edge of the wilderness so if conditions permit we will drive in. If not we will snowmobile or ATV to camp. Our base camp is a comfortable set up with wall tents and wood burning stoves, cots with pads and a hot pot of coffee always on the burner. After settling in and each day after we will ride or hike to high spots, glass and call hoping for the very secretive wolf to howl that unmistakable howl and give away his location and actually try to lure him our way with some howls of our own.

Wolves travel a very large area so if they don’t answer today they may be right there the very next day and might have traveled from a different zip code. Patience is the name of the game on this hunt as with most big game hunting luck will probably need to enter the picture to bring home a thick winter wolf hide.

Shots on these elusive creatures tend to be long as they are a very wary animal and have great canine noses they use to constantly test the wind for trouble…and a food source. So when planning your Idaho wolf hunt with us, another Idaho outfitter or even if you decide to take the DIY approach, know your gun and come prepared for a long shot.

The better you are prepared physically the greater your “luck” can be as getting around in snow in steep country can be very physically demanding. I am not trying to scare anyone away. I am simply trying to prepare you for what is ahead on your Idaho wolf hunt. When hunting with your guide be sure to let him know if the pace is too fast and trust that if it seems slow, he is looking out for your success.

Since the Idaho wolf hunting season runs through the winter, it coincides with mountain lion season and because we operate in backcountry unit with reduced nonresident tag pricing, you can add a mountain lion to your wolf hunt for just the cost of the tag. You might get lucky and call in a coyote or two during your stay making your Idaho wolf hunt the ultimate predator hunt.
If a stand-alone winter Idaho wolf hunt doesn’t float your boat, but you want a chance at this canine killing machine, you can always add a wolf to your Idaho combo hunt for just the price of the tag.

So if it is an “ultimate predator hunt” or in addition to your combo hunt, we do hope you will come join us in a hunt for the non-native Canadian Grey wolf that is now residing in Idaho.

Contact us today and let’s get you lined out on your backcountry Idaho wolf hunt and bring your friends.


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