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Trail Clearing Season

Trail clearing in The FrankIt seems an outfitter’s life is defined by “seasons”… as are most people’s lives, but our seasons seem to revolve around seasons determined by others; meaning the Idaho Department of Fish and Game determines what season we can hunt and therefore that is one of our “seasons”.

The only season that we get to determine is trail clearing season. That takes place during the summer months.  For the last 3 years we have had such amazing crews and our hopes are that this year will end up being “trail maintenance” season instead of one of the giant pushes we have had to make to open some trails that even the Forest Service’s own records can’t tell us when they were open last.

As we head into this year’s trail clearing season, we thought it might be cool to offer the opportunity for people to accompany us on such an adventure.

It would include horseback travel into the backcountry, all the food you can eat, views that would please the most avid of outdoor adventurers, ours and quite frankly, anyone who uses the trail system’s gratitude and last but not least, you would be leaving your legacy as part of the public lands system and more specifically the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area.

We would make time to sneak in a little fishing as there is water near pretty much every trail and enjoy campfire talk (assuming there is no fire ban in place) and companionship, along with a lot of hard work and sweat in clearing trails on the public’s land…YOU are part of that public!

So, if you think you could part with a day or weekend, contact us to see how you could leave your own legacy on the trails of the “Frank”.

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