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Sun Sets on 2015 Wild Idaho Hunting Seasons

Sunset over the Frank2015 will go down as one of Wild Idaho Outfitters  most successful hunting seasons of our career. Beginning with spring Bear hunting where we enjoyed a full 75% opportunity rate to our fall hunting seasons where we went just under 100% opportunity rate on an animal. And most importantly, almost everyone who hunted with us this year lived. Those few exceptions were probably a little ill anyway. Yes folks that is one of my corny outfitter jokes.

Honestly we had an amazing season with many returning hunters and also many new hunters that we now consider friends. I have said it before and I will say again, the best part of my job is the people I meet. Everyone who hunts with us here at Wild Idaho Outfitters leaves an impression on me, my guides and our families. We truly appreciate all those that hunt with us and hope our paths will cross again some day.

I have inserted and you can watch the video of Kelly bringing out the horses from our high camp through the 9000 foot plus peaks pass and then dropping over 3000 feet to our winter pasture ground on our ranch in Challis. I hope you can see and feel the pressure fade away knowing we got the livestock out again another year. It is always  a bittersweet moment when we hit the ranch. We are always happy (and especially this year) that the livestock and all the people got out safely, but are also a little saddened by the thought that we won’t be in camp next week.

A lot of people ask, “So do you take the winters off?”. Man I wish it were that simple. We have over 40 head of outfitting livestock to keep fed, camps to dry out and put away, machinery to service or more likely to repair, tack to dry out and treat, and then there is the show/booking season when we hang on every email and phone call hoping it is some hunters wanting to book a 2 month Idaho elk hunting combo but begin their journey with a spring bear hunt and wanting to bring along 24 or 25 of their closest friendsSmile

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and have time to reflect on the many blessings we Americans have including the privilege of being to able to enjoy the use of public ground to hunt and fish when seasons are open. When given the chance be sure to thank  God and a Veteran for many of those blessings.

Please check out our gallery of pictures from this year’s adventures and if you hunted with us and don’t see your favorite picture on here, please contact us, because I may not have it in my possession to post. A lot of different cameras take a lot of different pictures and I don’t always end up with them all.

God bless America and thank Idaho Fish and Game that spring bear season is on 5 short months away!

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