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Save Big on Idaho Spring Bear Hunts

This year marks our twentieth season here in Idaho and we are celebrating with 20 percent off on our Idaho spring bear hunts!

We love what we do and love sharing the woods with hunters from all over and hope to continue for another 20 plus years of guiding bear hunters. Can you even imagine saving 40 percent on a bear hunt to celebrate 40 years when that happens? Ha ha

We truly love spring bear season because after driving tracked machines in a sea of white all winter chasing wolves and mountain lions, the woods finally begin to come to life with signs of remerging plant life, early wildflowers beginning to bloom, the river opening up as the bank ice recedes and we get the horses off winter pasture to begin the bear baiting process.

As we get out and set the baits in April, we get to see all that nature has to offer and truly enjoy the experience as we look forward to sharing our love of the backcountry with those willing to invest in an Idaho spring bear hunt with us.

If you have been considering a spring bear hunt, but have just been waiting for the right time, maybe now is that right time to join us here in Idaho and save 20 percent!

Contact us today and let’s get you scheduled for your Idaho spring bear hunt! We still have some openings in May and June of this year.

Happy Hunting!

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