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Rediscover Idaho


By now all the western states’ draws are out and odds are good you didn’t draw a tag. Well, neither did most of the people who play the draw game.

Maybe it is time to give Idaho an honest chance look see.

Idaho is famous for over-the-counter tags, guaranteed elk tags for outfitters and OTC tags for most predators as well. It is also the only western state that I am aware of that you can hunt multiple species at the same time WITHOUT playing the draw game.

Central Idaho is fast returning to the glory days of bygone years with healthy herds of elk, giant mule deer bucks and plenty of bears, wolves and mountain lions to chase around.

The Salmon River mountains of Central Idaho are home to such an amazing variety of wildlife that it is hard to come here and not go home having seen some deer, elk, big horn sheep, moose or even mountain lions or wolves.

By now you may have heard that 2 of my best guides/friends and I (George) got together and purchased a new area adjacent to our current operating area and yet still located in these amazing Salmon River mountains. The only difference is it’s on the edge of the wilderness versus inside the wilderness and much more conducive to horseback hunts!  It is still a vast expanse of roadless real estate teaming with elk, deer, bears, wolves and many other varieties of wildlife.

And although it may look like we are new to the game, we bring to the table almost 50 years of combined experience and we also have the benefit of mentorship by the outfitter we purchased from who operated in this same are for 45 years. We will do all we can to provide you with a quality hunt that we promise will create lasting memories for years to come.

Since our purchase was completed late this spring, we were late getting the news out, so we still have some guaranteed elk tags and OTC deer tags available, but only up until July 31. So, if you did not draw or worse yet, finally drew that coveted Wasatch Mountains tag in Utah only to see your entire area go up in smoke, maybe now would be a good time to rediscover Idaho! Give us a call at (208) 756-2548 (before July 31st or the tags revert back to Fish and Game where they have been sold out since March) or visit our website at and help us fill those pages with pictures of your own Idaho trophy!

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