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“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Me” or “Preseason Hunt Planning Part 1!”

Time to get in shape for hunting season Even though this sounds directed to me and possibly self-serving, it is anything but that. If it were about me, I would be posing on this rig taking a big smiling selfie to tell the world how wonderful I am. Well, I assure you, there ain’t nothin’ sexy about a 54 year old chubby guy climbing up on his new elliptical trying to shed a few of those post hunting, pre- and post-Holiday calories, so all you get to see is an empty elliptical as a symbol of potential for memories to be made. Just like our public lands stand as a symbol to that same ideal.

It is honestly directed towards all of us who find ourselves somewhat vertically challenged and girth blessed with each New Year’s Day that passes and wonder if we are alone in this journey from “healthy” holiday sofa surfer to healthy mountain man/explorer looking to scale that peak ahead to look for a trophy animal on the other side.

My Christmas gift to me was this new (to me) elliptical (of course it was used; I don’t know if this new relationship will last) and my obvious New Year’s resolution is to actually use it to get myself in shape for Idaho’s 2020 hunting seasons that lie ahead in only 9 short months.

Now c’mon, am I the only one who has this goal…every year? Right? I doubt it. I am simply writing this to encourage any and all of you that enjoyed what the holidays had to offer, over and over again, to recognize that the sooner you start on that journey of health (for hunting purposes, of course) the sooner you will feel like you will be able to climb that mountain, cross to that next ridge or dive down in that deep timbered draw in search of what you believe to be a trophy elk, deer or some other mountain creature, knowing all along that regardless of the outcome, our memories seem to hover around “that time I climbed 3 different canyons” to get to where you are today.

The stories we as guides get to hear each year seem to revolve far more often around some epic adventure than the harvest of some animal. The effort put into harvesting that animal seems to be the real topic of discussion, rather than the animal itself. So, as your winter ahead evolves into hunt planning for your next adventure, maybe try to weave in a little pre-hunt workout. It will make your quest for your desired animal that much more attainable!

Good luck in your New Year’s resolutions, know that you are not alone, and best of luck in all your hunts that lie ahead. May you have cooperative weather, great camaraderie in your camp mates and most of all, remember to take a kid hunting if you can!

Happy New Year!


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