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Paperwork season is upon us (me)

(alternate title: “Let those cell phones ring and emails sing”)

George's newly organized and decorated officeFinally getting my office put back together after a hasty move that took place back in March. I have been having to live with chaos since we got the notice “you have 13 days to move”.

Don’t misinterpret that, as we were not being evicted in the formal sense for “not paying the rent”. We had been caretaking a ranch while we were remodeling our own, knowing there was no rush as this place had been for sale for 6 years.

Well, we were wrong. It sold and we had to move…quickly! And so, we did. We lived out of a camper at our home and in a tent in the backcountry. For some reason it seemed like we were camping all year!

The chaos came from a house completely gutted and a forthcoming spring bear season followed very closely by summer harvest season on the farm, all while trying to remodel a home, living out of the camper plugged into the project house and having to run to town for a shower at the new office space.

Fast forward past spring bear, summer harvest and all the fall hunting seasons and now we are settling into our newly remodeled home. We are just starting to unpack things like dead heads, antler mounts and some of my favorite pics of Kelly and the kids along with my favorite Tim Cox paintings. If you have not seen a Tim Cox painting, Google “Flowers for Mom by Tim Cox”. You will (or should be able to tell) why he is one of my favorite artists. The painting “Flowers for Mom” is a sold-out print and one of my all-time favorite paintings depicting (what I would describe) as the epitome of life in the rural west.

As we enter the new year, with a newly remodeled house and our (my) office finally complete, feel free to let those cell phones ring and emails sing talking about your plans for future hunts, regardless of your destination.

We always love to hear from folks even considering Idaho. Now don’t be surprised if we put on the “hard sell” for hunting with us, but we will generally end with, “even if you don’t book with us, you need to try Idaho”. We are so sold on what Idaho has to offer, that I personally suggest that whether you book with us, another outfitter or end up doing a DIY hunt, you need to come and explore all that Idaho has to offer at least once.

So, as you are surfing “2020 hunts” be sure to add “Idaho” to that search and come see all that “we” have to offer you, the hunter, in the way of adventure in 2020 and hopefully beyond.

Be sure to take a kid hunting with you if possible!

And don’t forget to vote the November 3 as the outcome may just determine whether or not we ever hunt again regardless of state or region.

God bless and happy hunting!


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