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One Door Closes, Another One Opens

It’s July already. Besides being the month with probably the second most important holiday celebration of the year, it’s the month when most western states hunting tag draw results are out (except maybe some antlerless tags) and, as usual, you drew tag soup. Nothing, zilch, nada. What to do about hunting this fall now?

No worries, there is still hope. Idaho outfitters are incredibly blessed to have what are called “outfitter allocated tags” available to most Idaho hunting outfitters and oddly we still have a few tags left as do as some other outfitters we have spoken with.

Is it the economy, poor marketing, election year, COVID over so back to work? Is that why some tags are still left?

Who cares? Regardless of the reason there is still a chance to be able to hunt Idaho this fall. Now, obviously, to get outfitter allocated tags would mean you would need to hunt with an outfitter, but I would think it would beat sofa surfing all fall and staring at FB pics of all your buddies who did draw tags out enjoying the woods.

If you are a sportsman who simply lives to hunt, Idaho may be your next great adventure. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, in central Idaho, is simply the crown jewel of the American public lands system and worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. If you are able to carry a rifle and some tags while exploring “the Frank”, all the better!

Now, speaking of central Idaho hunting, last winter was one of the mildest winters we have seen in many years and the fawn survival rate, along with buck survival, seems to be at a peak! I am no biologist, but based on the bucks we are seeing down in the hay fields (front range to the Frank), there are going to be plenty of nice bucks to go around. We are even thinking the mild winter is what drove the bears to baits so early and in such volume this spring based on our camera photos from our spring bear season that just ended June 30.

So, if you are one of the (many) unlucky people who didn’t draw a tag for elk or deer in your favorite western state or hunting unit, maybe it is time to give Idaho a try? Contact us or any of several Idaho elk or deer hunting outfitters  so you can check off that “see central Idaho’s famous backcountry” item on your lifetime “to do list”! And, as always, take a kid hunting!

Happy hunting and get out and enjoy those public lands!

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