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Wilderness is beautiful, we can all agree on that, but not being able to access that beauty is one of the problems with creating MORE wilderness. The current wilderness in Idaho is not being managed properly to allow access so how do they think they can create more and keep up with its management?

If you are reading this, I can only assume you either hunt and/or fish or at least condone those acts and if you do participate, you probably use public lands. The Salmon-Challis National Forest is in the midst of a forest plan revision.

They are at the part in the process where they are doing inventory study on “potential wilderness areas”.

Folks, this is a crock. As much as I love our public lands system, and I do, we do NOT need more wilderness!

During a recent local public meeting about this issue, over one hundred people showed up from a town of only 1000. Ten percent of our town’s folks showed up and the resounding consensus in the room was, “NO MORE WILDERNESS!”

We were told that although we locals would be affected most directly, they were correct in stating that it is “the public’s” land and that they are getting comments from all over.

We all know that means that the green groups are lobbying for more wilderness. The problem is, these groups lobby for wilderness in areas that they probably have never visited or never will!

We are asking you to take a minute and submit your comments. Obviously, we hope you comment to ‘not create more wilderness’, but even if you disagree with us, please take the time to submit your comments. This is OUR land and it is and should be managed the way the owners think it should. The Forest Service, God Bless them, are NOT the owners. They are simply the managers managing property for “We the People” as we direct them too.

Let’s direct them to manage these lands responsibly…for multiple use for the benefit of the most “land owners” and to not just default to wilderness because it sounds good to some folks who have never stepped foot out of a city. If you hunt, fish, hike, ride horses or recreate at all on public ground, make your thoughts known. This is YOUR land! Tell them how to manage it!

Comments are “best by February 28” (their words), so please click this link to submit your comments:

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