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Idaho Spring Bear Season “Officially” Opens in Backcountry Units

It is almost time for  my second favorite time of year…spring bear season! It “officially” opens in many back country units like where we guide in the Middlefork zone on April 1st. I say officially as that is when it does open, but with this years late and heavy snowfalls, I am confident the bears will not be waking from their winter slumber for at least a few more weeks, at least at our elevations. The snow is still quite visible around here, and I am sure is still quite deep in the backcountry where we will be conducting our spring bear hunts, but with the warmer weather patterns and the official opener, I can hardly wait to get on the back of old Diesel and begin setting those baits. Thanks to those who are joining us this spring. We look forward to a successful hunt!

Front range hunts in Idaho open April 15. Good luck to all those hunting Idaho spring bear hunts this year! If you are hunting Idaho spring bear season this year, please note that we are now in the bear baiting and bear baiting supply business. We are currently carrying stock of bulk bear baits and are working on scents to attract bears to your bear bait. We have applied what we have learned over the last nine seasons of bear hunting in Idaho and gathered that knowledge into one place. We used to have to go to 3 different places to obtain all the “ingredients” to what we consider a successful bear baiting venture and are now offering it in one location and for less money than you can find it elsewhere. If you are interested in learning more about baiting bears, either in Idaho or whatever state you are hunting (provided it is legal there) contact us and we would be happy to visit with you about it.

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