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Tagged Mule Deer No changes in 2020 Idaho hunting/fishing seasons due to COVID-19

Idaho Fish and Game has established a new page on its website to provide you with information concerning changes in hunting/fishing regs or dates due to COVID-19. So far so good, as there are no drastic changes. “Traditional hunting and fishing seasons remain unaffected.” Click for details and updates.

Changes in capped elk tags for Idaho residents

As of March 20, Idaho residents who applied for a controlled-hunt elk tag in 2020 will have to wait 5 days to purchase capped elk-zone tags when tags go on sale in July, “regardless of whether the person draws the controlled hunt tag”. That last part is a bit harsh. Fish & Game figures it will reduce the initial demand for first-come, first-served, capped tags when they go on sale as “demand far exceeds supply” in some elk zones. The waiting period does not apply to nonresident tags, which have been on sale since December 1, 2019. For details see:

Idaho trophy species tags open for application

The tag application period for Idaho trophy species (moose/sheep/goat) runs from April 1st to April 30th. Idaho does not use a bonus/preference point system and hunters can only apply for 1 of the 3 trophy species per year. If you do apply for any of the 3 trophy species you are also not permitted to apply for any controlled-hunt elk, deer, or pronghorn tags the same year. This tag-allocation system limits applicants-per-species greatly, which offers you reasonable odds of drawing a tag. For more information on applying for Idaho trophy species tags see Castle Creek Outfitters April 1st blog post:

Idaho Fish & Game increases the limit on wolf tags

Beginning this year, the statewide limit on gray wolf in Idaho has increased to 15 wolves taken by hunting, and 15 wolves taken by trapping. Previously, the limits had been either 5 or 10 wolves per hunting and trapping season, depending on region. This won’t affect many hunters, though it shows that the state of Idaho has their act together when it comes to managing wolves. My home state of Minnesota is overrun with wolves and they can’t get a simple season passed with a 1-wolf limit. According to Idaho Fish & Game, in 2019 there were 5 people total in the state, who harvested more than 10 wolves each (from a combination of hunting and trapping). For details see: purchase

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