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Happy Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents' Day - Mount RushmoreKids today are getting short-changed! When I was a kid we had 2 days off from school in February: one for Lincoln’s Birthday, and then another just 10 days later for Washington’s Birthday. That was great for me, because the holidays coincided with tobogganing season. Now there’s just one national holiday in February, which pays respect to all of our nation’s presidents. I figure that’s fair enough, because I no longer go tobogganing, and have to contribute taxes which pays for Federal employees’ days off.

Having a day off in honor of our nation’s presidents is important to all of us, in that it ingrains respect for our country’s supreme authority—the elected president of this unique place we call the United States of America. That respect for high-level authority trickles down to respect for other figures and forms of authority as well, including respect for firemen and parents, and for rules and regulations in general, all of which enables our system to function. For American hunters, who enjoy participating in our great outdoors, that same respect for authority keeps us following game regulations, for if we didn’t—there wouldn’t be any game trails to follow either.

God bless America.

Joe Cavanaugh

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