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That wasn’t supposed to happen aka Happy Late Thanksgiving

Happy father and son

Man, I hate technology! Okay, I do appreciate my heated seats and steering wheel in the Ram pickup when the temps reach single digits, but it sure is frustrating when you have been on the mountain for 3 months and finally make it home only to find out your email server has been down for the last week and there is no remedy in sight.

That is what we came home to after we pulled our last camp this fall. The server evidently was damaged on a multiple countrywide spectrum, so the good news is they were not just picking on us. The bad news is that we were not up and running until Thanksgiving after almost 2 weeks of being down and some of November’s emails may be lost forever.

Hence the reason for the late Happy Thanksgiving wishes. We do hope you got to share the long weekend with friends and family and despite the “warnings” of impending disaster, that you hugged deeply and laughed out loud with those you love and appreciate in your lives!

We are incredibly grateful to all those who made the journey to Idaho, hunted with us this past year, and shared some of their time with us. It is always a pleasure to see old friends and to make new ones.

People are truly the reason we do what we do and love what we do!

As one major Holiday has passed and we head into the largest Holiday time of the year, we hope that your time with family and friends is truly blessed and that you know our lives are, because of those of you that have come into our lives! We are sincerely grateful our paths have crossed with yours!

I guess that we get to tell you that in a quick email makes technology not such a bad idea after all!

Happy late Thanksgiving!

George & the crew

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