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Don’t be a fool this April 1. Get out and hunt Idaho spring bears and apply for a trophy species.


April 1 is the beginning of a lot of cool things here in Idaho. It is the official beginning day of the backcountry spring bear seasons and it is the day to begin the application process for Idaho trophy species. Idaho defines trophy species as Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats and Moose.

If you have the desire to hunt one of these species in Idaho this year, it is time to put in your application. Your application can be done online at or if you are in Idaho, you can visit your local license vendor. If you have never applied and are curious about some of the better spots to apply, feel free to Contact Us and we will share with you what we know about what is available.


We outfit and guide in area 27 and there are a couple of different sheep options, but there is only 1 moose tag. This moose hunt is tough as the area is huge and the moose are very elusive. Kelly and I have been lucky enough to draw that tag in the very recent years and we both were able to harvest pretty nice representative Shiras Bull Moose. This is not a trophy area by large antler measures, but can be a very cool hunt as we can combine with an elk and deer hunt to make it an “ultimate ungulate hunt”!

The odds of drawing this hunt are very good as last year only 4 hunters applied for that 1 tag. Those odds are almost as good as drawing a cow elk tag! So, if a moose is on your bucket list and you wouldn’t mind hunting elk and deer along with it, Contact Us and let’s visit about getting you in the drawing.


This winter was a deep and long one, so if you have cabin fever as we do and are excitedly watching the winters’ snow inch its way up the mountainside, it’s time to start really planning for your fall hunts and get out and possibly get in your first or fiftieth Idaho Spring Bear. Either way, get out and enjoy our wonderful public lands.

See you in the woods!

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