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Four Generations Bear Hunt

Well, spring had sprung and old glory was flyin’

Spring 2019 Bear Hunt

The creek got high and kept on risin'

Spring 2019 Bear Hunt

But, soon enough the baits got active and bears started dyin’

Spring 2019 Bear Hunt

Spring bear season started fairly slowly this year with the late and heavy winter we had, but when the baits heated up, wow! They were very active and things really started happening and as the sun finally set on the last day of our 2019 Idaho spring bear hunting season it ended on a very high note!

Four generations Spring 2019 Bear HuntWe had 2 hunters in camp, and each scored on a bear and, as all who were involved would tell you, it was the youth hunter harvesting his bear that managed to make the whole week so enjoyable. The weather was unseasonably comfortable, the baits were incredibly active and as the last night came about for this young man to sit, our decision came down to which bait, of the several that were active, to sit that night. Well, as you can imagine, we guessed correctly, and this young man scored on a very respectable cinnamon boar.

It was very rewarding because this young fellow was accompanied by both his Dad and his Grandpa. What we were not aware of, and became one of the true highlights we learned about as we were taking photos, was that he was using his Great Granddad’s rifle to accomplish the task. Wow! A four-generation spring bear hunt right here in Idaho!

As we begin tearing out our camps, and beginning our trail clearing season, we are already looking forward to our fall bear season that begins this August 30 and even looking ahead to spring of 2020!

We have a few openings available for this fall and obviously some for next year’s Idaho spring bear hunting season. If this year was any indication, next year ought to be a blast as we seem to learn something new every year!

See you in the hills!

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