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First Hunting Season of 2016 Opens


Now that all the hoopla surrounding the Holidays are over and the New Year is officially underway, it is time to get down to the serious business of planning for all the hunting seasons the upcoming year will provide.

While many people are still enjoying hunting for waterfowl, chukars, rabbits and predators (with their new 2016 licenses of course), there are others who are beginning the long, arduous task of trying to decipher each states hunting regulations in search of that one special hunt that will guarantee the buck, bull or boar of a lifetime. Once that special hunt is located, all one has to do is figure out how many points are needed to have a chance to be successful, figure out how to apply, how much it will cost to apply and then go ahead and apply, during the correct application period, and then sit back and wait for that email or letter that will hopefully read SUCCESSFUL for hunt number XXX.

Now for those of us who have hunted out west long enough, realize, that more often than not that letter reads Unsuccessful for hunt XXX…and so the anticipation for next year when we can once again apply and hope for success in at least the draw.

Now lest you think this is simply a downer post, please know it is simply an informational post, that the first hunting season of the year is officially underway: Hunt application season officially began January 1st 2016 with the timeframe for applying for elk tags in Wyoming opening up to applicants. This application period ends January 31st. If you have a desire to hunt Wyoming, but don’t know where to start, might I suggest you begin by calling my outfitter friend Kelly Christensen at 208-547-4062, emailing him at or visiting his website at

He is licensed in both Idaho and Wyoming and is very approachable about hunting information in either of his areas.

As for Idaho, beginning January 15, 2016, the application for spring bear in the draw only areas opens. With Idaho having so many over the counter or OTC tag areas with 2 bear tags available in these areas, I can’t imagine why one would want to apply for a hunt, but I have been told that if it is a draw area in Idaho for bears, there are even more bears than in areas with 2 tags and with much easier access and so should be a very good hunt…if you draw. For more info on Idaho Spring bear applications, see

Application season is always a fun, thought and dream provoking time of year, please keep in mind that if you miss an application deadline or are simply unsuccessful in the draw, you can always buy an Idaho OTC tag and simply go hunting.

If you are searching for an Idaho outfitter for 2016 (and somehow we don’t fit your criteria), your best resource for finding a quality Idaho hunting outfitter is

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