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Bear bait in a rainbow of colors and flavors.

Have You Got Your Bear Bait Ready for the Idaho 2023 Bear Hunting Seasons?

Pretty pink, pretty blue, purple, orange, yellow, tan, chocolate, etc. does it really matter what the name is for bears to like it? The answer is obviously a resounding NO! If it is full of sugar and by default calories, bears are gonna love it and you will have success with this or almost anything edible as bear bait. The main questions in my mind are A) can I get enough of it in a consistent supply, B) can I even afford to feed it to bears and C) how do I keep from producing world record sized squirrels on my Granola, Trail mix, Honey Roasted Nut formula I am currently using?

We believe we have the answer to all three questions. We have icings in stock, usually year-round (remember we can bait for fall bears too and Idaho has many square miles of 2 bear areas) and we are priced far below the competition at only $.20 cents per pound.

I am a proponent of the idea that it does not matter what you feed the bears. The secret is getting the bears to find your bait and then to never let it run out. If your bait site runs out, you are back to square one in trying to entice a bear into your bait.

More Frosting Bear BaitSo, save as much as you can on the actual bear bait and invest some money in some quality scent attractants. Bears are like any other free-loading scavenger, they are going to eat whatever free lunch is out there for them to enjoy, they just gotta find it.

So, if you don’t like paying $1000 dollars per ton for bear bait or feeding squirrels all the nuts in your bear bait barrel, contact us to try some “Pretty Orange Glow Blueberry Mauve Buttercream Organic Slow Roasted Chocolate Mint Chip Ready to Use Icing” or some derivative of that and see how affordable and effective our bear bait is!

Happy Hunting!

See more info at where we also sell scent attractants!

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