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Avoid the December 1 Black Friday Idaho Nonresident Tag Sale: Book with an Idaho Outfitter

If you have hunted Idaho in recent years or are intending to this year, you probably know that Idaho’s nonresident deer and elk tags go on sale December 1. This year it just happens to fall on a Friday.

We have heard from hunters and some Idaho Fish and Game personnel that it can be quite the “Black Friday” adventure trying to get in line (online or in person) to get your chance at an Idaho nonresident elk or deer tag.

This year, why don’t you simply avoid all that? Sleep in, cuddle your wife a little longer, have a relaxing breakfast with your kids, start that workout program, read a good book, or simply do your usual routine and show up to work on time with a smile and ready to work knowing you had the foresight to contact an Idaho outfitter (or fully intend to) and have your spot for an Idaho nonresident elk and/or deer tag already secured.

Probably one of the second-best things about being an Idaho outfitter, besides simply “getting” to work in this great state, is the fact that we have guaranteed elk and deer hunting tags for hunters wanting to hunt in Idaho. It is not just us either. Almost every Idaho hunting outfitter who happens to have had “historical use” when capped and controlled hunts went into effect in their assigned outfitting area, has at least some guaranteed tags and the good ones are always working on ways to get more so that we (all Idaho hunting outfitters) have the ability to provide a service to those who want to employ the services of an Idaho hunting outfitter for their next Idaho elk or deer hunt.

So, remember, turn off that “rise early to TRY and buy an Idaho nonresident tag today” alarm and rest peacefully knowing you have or intend to call an Idaho outfitter so that you KNOW that you are going hunting in Idaho next year!

Happy hunting and good luck on December 1 for those who choose to brave it alone!

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