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Apply Now for 2021 Idaho Controlled Hunts

Application Season Part 2

It’s Round 2 of applying for your 2021 hunting trips to Idaho. By now you know if you drew a once in a lifetime tag, or tags in many other states, but Idaho is just now applying for elk, deer, antelope, fall bear and fall turkey tags for the 2021 season.

If you have been unlucky so far in the other states, you may want to try Idaho since our OTC (over the counter tags) sold out in record time, it appears your only choice this year is to apply for a draw hunt or book with an outfitter who may still have some guaranteed elk and deer tags left. Antelope is always draw in most states I believe.

The application season runs through June 5. Research the area you want, apply and hope!

To apply for your Idaho draw hunts, visit this link, Login or Enroll, and follow the instructions.

Best of luck and win, lose, or draw (pun intended), get out and enjoy your public lands!

Happy hunting!

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