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Today Is the Last Day of Phase 1 in Planning Your 2020 Hunts

The application deadline for Wyoming controlled-hunt elk tags is at the end of today, January 31st. I’m sure at least some of you remember the days when the only planning you did for an elk tag was stopping by the hardware store to buy it on the way to camp. Sadly, those days are fading fast. Now, just the process of attempting to obtain tags starts in January and lasts into June. Most big game tags in all of our western states have to be applied for and drawn through one system or another. It’s complicated, lengthy, and expensive; but look at the bright side—our country has the game animals to hunt, and there’s a process set up to ensure that we continue to hunt them in the future. After the January 31 deadline for Wyoming elk, we have the following deadlines to watch for:

February 28 for Wyoming sheep/moose/goat

April 30 for Idaho sheep/moose/goat

May 31 for Wyoming deer/antelope

June 5 for Idaho elk/deer/antelope

And, that’s just 2 states! If you apply in other states, you really must be o high alert for application deadlines.

Don’t let any of your deadlines slip by, or you’ll be twiddling your thumbs come fall. Check back periodically throughout the tag-application season for more updates and information on planning your 2020 hunts.

Or... you can skip all that application nonsense and come hunting with an OTC tag in Idaho. Some of those OTC tags are already sold out, but most outfitters have guaranteed elk tags and set-aside OTC deer tags, but each year they are selling out faster and faster. So, hedge your hunting bets by putting in for your draw tags in other states and seriously consider obtaining an Idaho OTC tag.

I can hear it now, "What if I buy an Idaho OTC tag and draw in another state?" Well, that one is easy... go hunting twice.

Good hunting,

Joe Cavanaugh

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