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2015 Idaho Spring Bear Season Begins with a Trophy Class Bear

P1120498Our first official week of spring bear hunting in our backcountry unit 27 in Central Idaho began with a father son combo from Nebraska and when  we went to sit a couple of baits within ear shot of each other,  Cam (the son and youth hunter) and I were greeted by the sound of a rifle report just towards the end of legal light. With curiosity getting the best of us, we sprinted over to where his Dad Jeff had been sitting and he and his first year guide, Jacob Roy, were no where to be found. A quick look through bino’s showed a big black blob near the bait and two people cautiously approaching the blackness. Once I heard the victory whoop, I knew the big black blob was a bear. He looked big in the bino’s and we were not disappointed when we got there to help with the skinning chores. This thing was a true trophy bear. It was pure black with no tan or white anywhere, squared 7 feet and its skull measured 22” (with a tape measure) making it the largest bear ever harvested with us here at Wild Idaho Outfitters.

Congratulations to Jacob Roy for his first guided bear credit and to Jeff F. For his first bear as well!

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