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To Celebrate our 15th Anniversary we are offering 15% off 2020 Hunts!

EXPIRED: To take advantage of this offer we must receive your reservation forms and a minimum 50% deposit by December 31, 2019.

Idaho_Mule_Deer_Hunt_2019As I came off the mountain from our final hunt this year, I began reflecting on the past 15 seasons here in Idaho and realized a few things: 1) this was by far our most successful season to date, and 2) we have been outfitting here now for 15 seasons! That must be some sort of celebratory milestone, right?

As I hit the “reality zone” where I get to see the mail that has piled up, the emails I have missed for the past 2 months and that fuel jumped 50 cents per gallon, I got to see all the ways you and I get to pay more for so many things next year including Idaho nonresident hunting licenses and tags, property taxes, fuel, etc.

I thought to myself, “Something has to give and maybe it can start with me.” So I decided that to any hunters who decide to take a gamble and hunt with Wild Idaho Outfitters, or our sister company Castle Creek Outfitters, in 2020 (and make that decision before 2020 arrives), we will offer a 15% discount off our regular adult hunt prices AND you will save in the event of a nonresident license and tag fee increase in 2020, so you are saving two ways!

Not to mention, after November 3, 2020, if Elizabeth Warren or one of her ilk are elected, we all may be done hunting for the rest of our lives.

So, act now and book that hunt you have been thinking about and save on your hunt in 2020 so you have more money to pay for your property taxes and higher fuel costs.

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