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Spot Available for Late Season Idaho Mule Deer Hunt in the Rut

Idaho_Father_Son_DeerPutting in for draw hunts in multiple states, at first glance, seems like it would increase your odds of drawing a tag…and you would be right…BUT it also increases your chances at drawing the potentially unwanted scenario of drawing 2 tags in 2 states and being married to a woman who only allows 1 hunt per yearSmile

That brings us to the subject of this blog. We had a hunter book a late season 2014  mule deer hunt which is a draw hunt here in Idaho; it is a guaranteed tag if you put in for the draw on time in May, but if you wait until after the draw closes, you don’t have a choice. If you want to hunt mule deer in an amazing mule deer area…during the mule deer rut, you are out of luck until next year. Well this hunter put in for mule deer tags in multiple states and drew a tag that he had been trying to draw for 16 years in another state and he drew! Lucky him right? …maybe…he had drawn the late season hunt in Idaho and has a loving wife who wishes he would only hunt 1 hunt a year. Which hunt do you think he chose? That’s right, the other oneSmile

Well, we made a deal with the fish and game that we would replace that hunter and they gave us only until 5 pm Monday August 4, 2014 to do so (tags normally need to be purchased by August 1st), so his “loss” could be someone’s gain! There is honestly only 1 tag and 1 spot available to hunt Idaho mule deer in the rut, in November, in the backcountry, by horseback, but you have to decide quickly. This hunt sells for 2950 plus tax and tags and we believe is about the best deal going on quality mule deer hunts out west.  We want to know if there is anyone out there still interested in hunting quality mule deer in the rut. Contact us if you are interested. This must be sold by this Monday August 4th or it is a loss for Idaho of a nonresident fee and a loss for 1 lucky hunter.

This hunt was originally booked for November 12-19, 2014 but with only 1 hunter spot available, we can be fairly flexible about choosing a 7 day period during the entire season which runs November 1-18, 2014 that works best for you. This is a fully guided 7 day hunt.

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