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Here you will find information about our hunts, our area as well as special offers and issues that affect us or are important to us.

Are You Going Hunting this Year?

By now most of you should have gotten that “lump of coal” we call the draw results for our western big game hunting adventures. That hope of drawing for that “special” tag we seem to continually wait for. If your results looked like mine and read “unsuccessful” for all species applied, don’t lose hope. I know I have said it a lot and am saying it again…Idaho is the best kept secret in the hunting world today.

New Idaho Youth Deer Hunting Opportunity

Because of some recent changes in antlerless deer tags allowed in our area and recent Idaho laws changed involving private lands, Idaho and specifically Wild Idaho Outfitters is able to offer a new and unique youth deer hunting opportunity.

Wild Idaho’s Spring Bear Season OFFICIALLY Arrives!

It can only mean one thing when we are hauling hay, chained up in the old Dodge over high mountain passes, shoeing horses at the trailhead and crossing rising rivers, all in the same day!